Omnibus Theatre




XOGA presents an evening of opera, song and dance based on Shakespearean couples. Ophelia, Hamlet, Romeo, Juliet… Turbulent love stories of jealousy, disappointment, vanity, ambition, chance, fate and madness that with death come to an end.

In the second half of the evening, the story of Gloria and Labarta from the Galician opera “O Arame” (The Tightrope) by Galician composer Juan Durán, and with libretto by Manuel Lourenzo, follows as tragic a path as those by Shakespeare.

Is death an end to the agony, an ultimate proof of love, a punishment or redemption?…



Music | Richard Strauss, Sergei Prokofiev, Juan Durán among others

Texts | William Shakespeare and Manuel Lourenzo

Director | Cecilia Stinton (O Arame)

Choreographer | Fran Mangiacasale

Music Director | Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras



Soprano | Lorena Paz Nieto

Baritone | Phil Wilcox

Dancers | Azzurra Cacceta and Fran Mangiacasale

Ensemble | Victoria Jericó, Ana do Vale (violins); Anastasia Sofina (viola);  Sarah Berger (cello); Laura Cioffi (flute); Mireia González Ricart (oboe); Ángel Sánchez (clarinet); Tom Moss (bassoon); Derryck Nasib (horn); Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras (piano).



Galician, English and German. English surtitles projected over the scene.



Two halves of around 45 minutes each with and intermission of 20 minutes.



London, 24th June 2018 | 7:30pm



Omnibus Theatre | 1 Clapham Common North Side | SW4 0QW, London | United Kingdom



This production was supported by the National Opera Studio (NOS) through their “Opera Roots” initiative and by the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Spanish Embassy in London.