Omnibus Theatre



Join us for an evening celebrating the voice of women in the arts. In honour of Clara Schumann’s 250th anniversary, XOGA’s second performance at the Omnibus Theatre showcases female composers and poets to raise unsung voices from the past and present.

After XOGA’s 2018 Shakespearean Couples opera and lied performance, Artistic Director Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras brings back an all female ensemble performing an evening of music and words. The programme features works by women composers including Clara Schumann’s Piano Trio as well as poetry readings by female writers, followed by a Q&A and chance to mingle with the performers.

“Women Voices” reminds us of the struggle that female talent has faced historically to be heard. It puts a spotlight on strong and original voices that were, and perhaps still are, neglected in the arts.

XOGA wants to help preserve their memory and be a platform for the promotion of future talent.



Music | Clara Schumann and others TBD

Texts | TBD



Poet | Alba Cid

Violin | Valerie Clare Sanders

Cello | Joanna Gutowska

Piano | Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras




Two halves of around 45 minutes each with and intermission of 20 minutes.



London, 27th October 2019 | 7:30pm



Omnibus Theatre | 1 Clapham Common North Side | SW4 0QW, London | United Kingdom



This performance is partly supported by an award from The New York Women Composers (NYWC).