UK Premiere 2017




Two itinerant circus artists at the end of their lives are on a journey towards a ‘land’s end’. They have been going on and on from one town to another: Labarta walking along the tightrope and Gloria playing the tambourine. Continuing with this lifestyle is proving more and more difficult. They are invited to follow two imaginary figures -who might be two mirror images of themselves- and they are led behind a dune. After the dune is the sea that can either be the beginning or the end.



“The question of what death is pulsates deep down in O Arame. But the theme is not death. Its theme is the evolution, the transformation…” (Manuel Lourenzo)





Music | Juan Durán

Libretto | Manuel Lourenzo

Director | Cecilia Stinton

Choreographer | Fran Mangiacasale

Music director | Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras



Gloria | Lorena Paz Nieto

Labarta | Malachy Frame

Imaginary characters | Mary Sol Martín del Castillo and Fran Mangiacasale

Ensemble | Valerie Clare Sanders, Victoria Jerico, Adriana Cristea, Claudia Sanson (violins); Anastasia Sofina, Rachel Maxey (violas); Mike Grittani, Sarah Berger (celli); Paloma Vallecillo (bass); Laura Cioffi (flute); Felicity Cliffe (oboe); Ángel Sánchez (clarinet); Tom Moss (bassoon); Derryck Nasib (horn); Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras (piano).

London Performance: Ana do Vale (violin); Jordi Morell, Helena Sánchez Díaz (violas); Mike Newman (cello); Gwen Reed (bass); Mireia González Ricart (oboe); Finan Jones (bassoon); Sabrina Pullen (horn).



Sung in Galician, with English surtitles projected above the stage.



One act. The performance lasts around 1 hour.



Oxford, 10th June | 7:30 pm

London, 26th June | 1:30 pm



Grove Auditorium | Magdalen College | Oxford | OX1 4AU | United Kingdom

The Tabernacle | 34-35 Powis Square | London | W11 2AY | United Kingdom



This production was supported by the The John Rutherford Centre for Galician Studies at The Queen’s College (University of Oxford) and financed with an Arts Grant from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and a successful crowdfunding campaign.