O Arame (The Tightrope) | UK PREMIER

JUNE 2017

Teaser by Camille Jetzer



Two itinerant circus artists at the end of their lives are on a journey towards a ‘land’s end’. They have been going on and on from one town to another: Labarta walking along the tightrope and Gloria playing the tambourine. Continuing with this lifestyle is proving more and more difficult. They are invited to follow two imaginary figures -who might be two mirror images of themselves- and they are led behind a dune. After the dune is the sea that can either be the beginning or the end.

“The question of what death is pulsates deep down in O Arame. But the theme is not death. Its theme is the evolution, the transformation…”
(Manuel Lourenzo)


Music | Juan Durán

Libretto | Manuel Lourenzo

Director | Cecilia Stinton

Choreographer | Fran Mangiacasale

Music director | Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras


Gloria | Lorena Paz Nieto

Labarta | Malachy Frame

Imaginary characters | Mary Sol Martín del Castillo and Fran Mangiacasale

Ensemble | Valerie Clare Sanders, Victoria Jerico, Adriana Cristea, Claudia Sanson (violins); Anastasia Sofina, Rachel Maxey (violas); Mike Grittani, Sarah Berger (celli); Paloma Vallecillo (bass); Laura Cioffi (flute); Felicity Cliffe (oboe); Ángel Sánchez (clarinet); Tom Moss (bassoon); Derryck Nasib (horn); Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras (piano). London Performance: Ana do Vale (violin); Jordi Morell, Helena Sánchez Díaz (violas); Mike Newman (cello); Gwen Reed (bass); Mireia González Ricart (oboe); Finan Jones (bassoon); Sabrina Pullen (horn).


Sung in Galician, with English surtitles projected above the stage.



One act. The performance lasts around 1 hour.



Oxford, 10th June | 7:30 pm

London, 26th June | 1:30 pm




Grove Auditorium | Magdalen College | Oxford | OX1 4AU | United Kingdom

The Tabernacle | 34-35 Powis Square | London | W11 2AY | United Kingdom





A co-production with the The John Rutherford Centre for Galician Studies (The Queen’s College, University of Oxford).